17 women, several tents, waterfalls, bacon, a campfire, rain, snow, mud, muck, a small run in with the forest law.

It was a hell of a trip, and I met some truly fascinating and inspiring women. Some like the generous and awesome Lauren from handcraftedinvirginia &  the driven and beautiful Joy from morningslikethese who I’ve known for years, then others like  the open hearted and enthusiastic Emma of  emcalaryphotography, the hilarious and talented Kelly of kellyelainesmith, the kind and spectacular Rebecca of A Daily Something,  the stunner & all star Chaucee of Streets & Stripes and so many more. Each and every one of them a fantastic woman. 

Huge thanks to unitedbyblue for bringing us together into the Pennsylvania mountains and having us all #camplikealady. 

(Huge thanks Em, Kelly & Rebecca for snapping the photos of me cooking!)

“And I am a fool,
for expecting the dead butterflies
in your stomach
to start fluttering again.”

(via dylinquent)

“I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do.”

– (via stellablu)

“All problems are illusions of the mind.”

–  Eckhart Tolle (via purplebuddhaproject)


Glico being very gentle with my anniversary flowers :)

“So in love with each other. They didn’t even had to say it, they showed it by how they held one another and moved. Now its just talk and talk, a million words that mean nothing.”

– After Fall, Winter (via blogandtv)

i just burned 1200 calories (i forgot the pizza in the oven)

@krisdale_ is the greatest human bean. I love you squish. ❤️😘

@krisdale_ is the greatest human bean. I love you squish. ❤️😘